How it works

Multiply puts your money exactly where it needs to be

Our tech takes nearly everything there is to know about money and turns it into advice for anyone who needs it. No more trawling through forums or comparison sites.

We recommend the accounts you need, and how much to send to them, and you can make it all happen in a few taps. From saving for a deposit to investing in stocks and shares, our advice has got you covered.


Give us your info
Tell us what you earn, spend, own, and owe so we can help you set your savings targets.


We do the maths
Our technology creates your personalised advice, overseen by the advice team.


Start making moves
Put your advice into action, with market-leading products and automated transfers.

4. Hit your goals

Not a spending tracker.
Not a budgeting app.
Not a bank.
Not a robo advisor.
Multiply is everything you ought to be doing with your money.

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